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Aug 06, 2018

idetect joins forces with Base Design for enhanced Customer Experience

Words by idetect Team

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“The new idetect User Interface (UI) represents a step forward for our customers” said Olivier MERLAN, Deputy CEO, LOGOS. “It offers a very intuitive and visually engaging user interface, and raises the bar for modern Regtech applications across the industry. The B2C web and mobile applications experience is setting significantly higher standards for enterprise application UIs. To address customers’ increased UI expectations, we joined forces with one of the best design agencies in Europe, Base Design. They came up with a design system and set of guidelines that enabled our developers to deliver strikingly modern, simpler, and engaging UI.”

LOGOS releases a new version of idetect every year with newer functionality to keep up with the growing demands of the market. The idetect 6.0 beta version, which includes the new UI, will be released during Q3 2018.